Reservation and India:

In past few years there had been lots of chaos, opinions, ideas, on ‘reservation in India’. Is it mandatory for the reservation system to prevail in India? Is it right for a country calling out itself as a symbol of Equality and Opportunities for the youth to go on with the reservation system? If you are reading this blog, for sure you are quite well educated and I assume you are able to understand how the constitution and government works and terms related to it. Many people when think about the reservation system in India has a wide variety of opinions about it, let me list:

· It is the violation of our rights,

· It is hampering the right to opportunity,

· It is just a waste to go with this system as it is not helping us though,

· Time and society has changed and there is no more discrimination on the basis of tribe and caste,

· It is like a free gift to the OBC and the SC/ST,

· It results in unskilled workers and officers in the system.

· We are behind other countries like America because we give job to reserved ones and not to deserved ones.

and much more.

Well, to answer all the question and before going for or against the system, lets start by turning the pages of the history.

History of Social discrimination:

India is a mega diverse country with culture and history at its core. Since the dawn of civilisation our society was constantly divided on the basis of sex, religion, colour, caste and tribe. Division was first based upon the occupation that the person practised, then it slowly turned heredity. When we say it turned heredity it means suppose if a Brahman gives birth to a child then the child must be given the same status as that of his father. The shift wasn’t an accident neither was drastic. Historical writings and records give the evidence that making the division heredity was well planned.

Why would someone do that? Well, the answer to it is quite simple and well proved. When the division turned heredity it even turned the occupation heredity, the ruler’s son turned to be ruler and a worker’s son turned to be a worker. Thus, as a result of it education was limited only to the classes who are going to have higher position and occupation in the society. This was done by the Aristocrats of the society. The aristocrats feared that if the lower classes got educated their aristocracy would be endangered and so did happen in the age when Buddhism and Jainism promoting equation in society came into existence. Due to this tough history of a number of Indian tribes, they even in the 19th and 20th century were left uneducated and usually occupied a lower position in the society till the Right to Education and Right to Equal Opportunity came into existence.

Reservation System (Right to Education)

The reservation system in India under Right to Education and Right to Equal opportunity was an affirmative action (reservation system in USA and other western countries is called affirmative action) taken by the government. The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act or Right to Education Act (RTE), is an Act of the Parliament of India enacted on 4 August 2009 providing every child in India an opportunity to learn. The act came into existence on 1st April,2010 and India became one of the 135 countries promotion Right to Education and equal opportunity by reservation or quota system.

Reservation doesn’t prevail only in India:

It is a very big misconception that Reservation system prevails in India. Reservation system also prevails in various other countries like United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Czech Republic and many other western countries. Of course, not on the basis of caste, religion or colour but on financial status because caste and religion are the main social pillars of the diverse countries like India. Thus, in western countries like Czech Republic and USA were the society is divided into financial classes, only financially capable students are allowed in Universities for Higher education and non-capable students are allowed some financial aid and we want USA and western system of educational system in a country were the society is pillared upon caste and religion. The problem most of us have is we see the development and rich life of the developed countries like USA but we never compare the circumstance with it, we never know that despite of so much of development still 14% of the population in those country is homeless and uneducated.

Reservation in Education and Aristocratic thoughts on that:

Reservation in Education system is the primary topic of most of the politicians and students to react upon. To talk about reservation system and Aristocratic view of the people on it lets first select a course as our example, for example National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). When we talk about NEET, it has got reservation for SC, ST, OBC (non-creamy layer), Physically challenged. 15% of All India Quota (AIQ) is reserved for all those listed previously, while 85% is available for State quota. There are ample of seats available for all the people as per OBC or General. Wait a minute! This is not right for an aristocratic mind. The people standing out against the reservation system in education system proves that YES, we still have an Aristocratic society because those aristocratic people are not happy with the 85% of seats available for them, or more precisely they aren’t happy with the 15% allowed to the lower caste. The Aristocratic people still wants to snatch the 15% of the seats allowed for the lower caste. So, if this thinking prevails how can lower caste be sure that if the reservation system is removed, they will be allowed into the collages and schools. It was few years before when we didn’t have the Reservation system, lower caste was not allowed to take admission in school and collages for general people, not allowed to fill water from the ponds were other people use to do and after affirmative action when things are changing the aristocrats wants the helping hand given by the government to the discriminated ones to be cut down.

Proving the present Aristocratic mentality:

When we talk about society the major social practice is marriage. So, let me give you a situation you are from an aristocratic family. You have to marry your daughter and you have only two boys with same nature and occupation in option,

Option 1: A poor Brahman boy

Option 2: A poor ST boy.

Which boy would you consider?

If one takes his/her decision without getting influenced by anything, of course one would go with the OPTION 1.

Okay now let’s have the same question but the options are changed

Option 1: A poor Brahman boy

Option 2: A billionaire entrepreneur ST boy.

So, based upon the options you choose, let’s prove the aristocratic mind of the society. In the first option if you selected option 1 proved that your mind is aristocratic and if you selected option 2 then I would really like to know the reason for your selection. Now let’s go to the second question, well if you selected Option 1 then you are really an Aristocratic person and you would totally disagree with this blog but if you selected Option 2, you are really a good and responsible father/mother.

If your options were aristocratic then the problem is not with your thoughts, the point is we are grown in a still aristocratic society.

What does this question prove?

The question I asked has a lot to prove. Our society accepts a poor boy for its daughter only if he belongs to an aristocratic origin while a poor boy belonging to OBC class is neglected. Our society considers an OBC boy only if he is rich enough or securing a better official status or occupation in the society. Imagine if there is no reservation for education will those poor OBC boys make out to that position were every aristocratic family will agree to give its daughter for marriage to him? No, because still our society is aristocratic.

People of our society, still think reservation is a free food feeding but wait people, its was never free, its only 15% reserved and only 10% lower merit then the general quota. They say the SC/ST and OBC are afraid of hard work, wait again! You are telling the SC/ST and OBC class to be afraid of hard work? Did you forget that these were the working class and since the dawn of civilisation they had been doing hard work? The doctors and engineers being prepared for the reserved quota are not useless the point is our society never accept them as capable and in higher post. If we remove this reservation system we may get 10 good officials but we will push half the population towards poverty again, as it was a decade before. Half the nation will grow to the apex and the other half die with hunger and then the help given to them would be called free food feeding but not now because they work then earn.

We should expect the western system of reservation in India only when we are ready to amend ourselves. When we are ready to leave our fake aristocratic pride because if you are from an aristocratic class this not any of your achievements and a person taking it as an achievement is the major threat to the progress of our nation. Your Karma decides your class, class is not anyone’s birth right and the day we understand this we should be ready to remove reservation and talk of equality. Till then have faith in the constitution of India and let no dog bark.

  • Aman Kumar Nirala



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