Injured soul of a Rape Victim

It was a fine morning; the sun rays entered a room through an open window and reflected on a long mirror. The birds tried looking into the room and figure out what’s happening inside? The prince was about to propose his princess when it turned cloudy and the voice rung “Amisha! Amisha! Wake up girl, it’s already 8. Anisha is waiting for you.” “Good morning maa! We have to go for Anshu’s party today and we have to shop a lot for the party. You know that how much Anisha is mad behind him?”. I am Amisha, 20 years old full of joy and willing to do all the amazing things in life. This was my maa, my best friend, after dad’s death she only grew me up and she never made me miss my dad. Anisha is my collage friend, my bestie.

I got out of my bed, dragging my legs on the floor and dozing, managed to reach the washroom. Looked at my white milky face and all those straight hairs that were resting on my head fizzy. Anisha was waiting for me at the dining table. I came downstairs and joined maa and Anisha for the breakfast. “So, Anisha I think you would be very excited about Anshu’s party today”, asked maa. “Aunty, nothing like that”, Anisha ended with a huge blush on her face and we all burst into laughter. We looked at the clock and it was already 10. We took our hand bags and left the house. I was fashion savvy person and liked to wear shots and all types of western dresses. We walked to the chowk, waiting for a taxi. A couple of minutes passed when I noticed six boys behind us giggling. We moved aside but the boys remained there. I noticed that they were filming something on their mobile phones. After a bit of observation, I figured that they were filming the girl in shorts also waiting for the taxi, standing just beside the place where we were standing earlier. I could not have tolerated this and went to the boys, took one of the mobile device and banged it. “Is this the way you behave with your sister or mother?”, I shouted. Anisha followed me, “Delete the videos now!” The boys tried to dominate but the people around gathered and they had to do it. It was just a group of teen boys between 16 to 19 years in age. Soon then we got the taxi and went to the market.

We did a lot of shopping and were resting in CCD when Anisha asked me “did you hear about that little child rapped by four people?” “Yes, you know Anisha the person who rapes is not a man. Over all its not even human. They are just mentally sick people who doesn’t even know what they are doing. A person or a real man never rapes.” “True”, said Anisha. It was already 5:30 and we had to get ready for the party, we took a taxi back home. While I was passing the chowk, I flashed back what happened few hours ago over here and looked through the window to figure out if the boys were still there and to my amusement they were still standing there in a group talking among themselves. I turned back with a thought in my mind “how shameless can some people be?”

We reached home and started getting ready. I put on my favorite denim shorts and a sexy black party top. We went downstairs and found maa waiting for us. “Ready? Enjoy a lot and beta come home soon”, said maa and kissed me on my forehead. Even I hugged maa and left the home. It was already 7. The party would end by 11 and then Anshu will come with his car to drop me and Anisha. He would first drop me till the chowk and then turn back his car for Anisha’s house. We went till the chowk for the taxi. We got the taxi and as we were getting in I saw the same boys standing at the same place. By 8 we were at his venue. We all enjoyed a lot. After having a great time, we finally figured out that we need to leave for our home now. As the plan was, Anshu with his car dropped me at the chowk and asked me if I could go by myself or he is needed? Since my house was only at 2 minutes of walking distance from the chowk, I let him go.

I started walking towards my home, with my mobile in my palm, looking at today’s pics when I noticed some foot steps behind me. I turned back and I was all alone. I started walking again, I was half way to my house when someone whistled. I turned back and there were 2 boys following me. I noticed that they were of the same group that was standing at the chowk. It was within a flash my phone was snatched from my hand by one of the other four boys in front of me. I turned and tried to dominate the situation. “Give the phone back now”, I shouted. The boys laughed, they banged the phone on the road and it was in pieces. Within a flash I was surrounded by all of them. One of them who was no more than 16 years grabbed my shoulder. I turned and slapped. Then the other grabbed hold of my mouth, two grabbed my hands, two of them captivated my legs and the other leaded them. They dragged me to a small street aside, in the bushes. I tried to shout, twisted my arms to get rid of them, banged my legs on ground. I tried to fight a lot, till the end but finally lost in front of those six muscled organisms.

Two of them hold my hands and two of them my legs, I was laying on the ground, helpless just like the small sparrow captivated into the cage who wishes to fly in the sky but those metal bars don’t allow it to do. Then one of them took out his mobile phone and started recording, the mobile phone was taped all around, it was the same mobile which I broke this morning at the chowk. The other one stood just over me, his face was dark, sweating and with a tensed look which was getting faded by the testosterone running in his inhuman blood, I just wonder how a rapist would look like but never thought to encounter one. He grabbed my breast, pressed it and started smashing it. I felt a huge pain and screamed thinking the screams could revive the human inside them but no he slapped me, then another. In no time I was blooded mouth. He released my breast and kicked me hard on my stomach, I cried. The pain was unbearable, tears ran down my eyes. He then grabbed my top and started tearing it, out of pain and fear I begged him “Bhaiyya, please let me go”. He continued, he tore my top away, then followed my bra. The other boy continued recording. He grabbed my breast again, pulled it, slapped it and kicked it. The pain was unbearable to me, I wished to faint but was kept conscious to bear the pain. He then followed to my shorts and in no time, I was naked. The moon turned away in shame, the night grew darker to hide the shameless and merciless view that could end the faith in humanity and even the earth cried to bear such a thing happening on her. The boy with the camera recorded, the other four boys were still holding me tightly and the man continued. He opens up his belt and stared hitting me everywhere with all his force. My body was burning and was inflamed everywhere. He then opened up his trousers and in no time was over me. It penetrated till my sole, I cried out of pain, they continued harshly, one after another, repeating, being harsher than the previous time they snatched my flesh for five hours. I was laying on the ground naked, my mouth and vagina blooded with hit marks all over my body, giving the evidence of shameful night and the pain I suffered. I was not thinking about my pain, I was only thinking that will I be able to get out of here alive, if I do will I be able to tell everyone what happened with me, what would my mother answer to the so-called society, how will the society see me? I just wanted to go back into my maa and rest my head on her lap and sleep peacefully. I was just trying to crawl down towards the bits of my cloths and escape when one of the rapist of the society grabbed my mouth and slashed my neck with a sharp object and within minutes, with the onset of the dawn my soul was released from all the pain. I went back to a long sleep and this time the prince proposed his princess but the princess didn’t answer because she was dead, she was raped.

Now I am on the way to my destiny and could see my body with maa, sleeping with its head resting on her lap. I was released from all the pain but had only regret that I was not able to tell maa what happened to me, how much pain I tolerated. If you are reading this can you please find her and tell her the story, how much I suffered and the boys who caused this day are still standing at the chowk waiting for another Amisha?



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Aman Nirala

Aman Nirala

I am a Programmer and Researcher. My field of study is Quantum Computing and I love contributing to Open Source Community.