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I am a Programmer and Researcher. My field of study is Quantum Computing and I love contributing to Open Source Community.
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There are many websites and applications build for downloading YouTube videos locally on your computer system. Most of these application or web-services either comes with lots of ads. or spams.

To solve this problem I created my own YouTube Downloader(ytd) in Dart and published it for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

I choose dart for creating this application as it is cross-platform and makes it really easy to create executable for different platforms from a single code-base.

Link to the source is here.

Download the latest release from here.

Setting up YTD is very simple. In this post I will share…

It was a fine morning; the sun rays entered a room through an open window and reflected on a long mirror. The birds tried looking into the room and figure out what’s happening inside? The prince was about to propose his princess when it turned cloudy and the voice rung “Amisha! Amisha! Wake up girl, it’s already 8. Anisha is waiting for you.” “Good morning maa! We have to go for Anshu’s party today and we have to shop a lot for the party. You know that how much Anisha is mad behind him?”. I am Amisha, 20 years old…

In past few years there had been lots of chaos, opinions, ideas, on ‘reservation in India’. Is it mandatory for the reservation system to prevail in India? Is it right for a country calling out itself as a symbol of Equality and Opportunities for the youth to go on with the reservation system? If you are reading this blog, for sure you are quite well educated and I assume you are able to understand how the constitution and government works and terms related to it. …

Aman Nirala

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